How and Why is SVC different?

1.  Apart from the conference; at the end of the roadmap, SVC will be a technology solutions platform for businesses, executives and entrepreneurs to market themselves, connect and find resources to promote their business. We are still hard at work, read the About us page.

2. Picture of the intimacy of a great podcast with well researched, hard hitting questions created live for thousands to learn from.

3. Our mission is to inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible to launch their startups.  We encourage people to follow their dreams in order to change the world through products, services or a form of art that uplifts humanity.

4.  We provide the platform for you to tap into the inspiration, knowledge, resources and experiences of successful individuals.

5.  We take our time to assemble quality speakers and panelists who speak on a range of topics.  Check out the agenda   schedule or YouTube.

6.  All speakers are well researched, and the questions or topics are designed for you the audience to benefit from immediately, if you choose to take prompt action.

7. While a sizeable number of speakers are from the U.S., SVC is not U.S. centric. We go around the globe to bring you executives, household names and different perspectives to learn from.

8. We are always building; so there is a lot more to come; which will assist businesses, entrepreneurs and brands.

Why should I attend?

  1. Compared to industry standard, tickets prices are affordable. We know it’s not easy being in business.
  2. Come and listen to how to reinvent yourself, in order to take charge of your destiny.
  3. If you’ve ever dreamt of quitting your day job, but you haven’t, or just can’t muster the courage to jump ship, this is an event for you.
  4. End the year with an event which will definitely change your perspective while providing the inspiration for a new beginning.
  5. Acquire the knowledge and network with prospective partners to propel your venture forward.
  6. Be inspired by great businesses and unique entrepreneurial stories.
  7. An inordinate concentration of brain power from different industries under one roof.
  8. Invaluable education, tips and advice from global executives and experts.
  9. Listen to big names with years of experience. Some of your big name TV stars might be around, but you’ll never know if you don’t attend.
  10. When filing taxes, the ticket price can be treated as a business expense.


Do you want to volunteer?

  • If interested, please get in contact ASAP to secure your spot. Start by clicking this link
  • What’s In It For Me (WiiFM)?  We respect your time and appreciate your effort. The perks are worthwhile professionally and personally


When did SVC begin?

To mark the beginning of a new decade, SVC commenced operations with its first conference in October 2020.  The last time we had a year with zero as the 2nd and 4th digits was year 1010; that was 1,010 years ago. It will take another 1,010 years before we witness another year with the (1st and 3rd digits being the same number) that’s (year 3030).  Given the global chaos, pandemic restrictions and unimaginable loss; starting in 2020 is a privilege, as well as an honor we’ll forever be grateful for.  Everything went exceptionally well.  Being able to contribute a helping hand to ease the collective chaos we were all going through was the least we could do.