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After a decade of attending business events; ranging from the biggest tech summits to the smallest meet-up groups, we finally came up with a better way of doing things. The problem of expending time and spending a lot of money to attend conferences with little or no value to justify the ROI has always been an issue.  Apart from that; please continue reading to see the other issues we are solving. Most people are pumped after attending conferences. However, the energy, enthusiasm and excitement dissipates after a day or two for some, and a week or two for others. The gap between receiving information and leveraging that information successfully is challenging.  Hence, we are creating a new process which will guide anyone who’s interested in starting or growing a business, building relationships, finding free or discounted resource and utilizing powerful tools all in one place.  

Additionally Strategic Vision Conference (SVC) was created out of the frustration of inadequate exposure and lack of media coverage for new businesses. Conversely, well established corporations with millions, even billions of dollars in the bank, continually receive coverage.  We decided to create a novel methodology which supports and promotes new, as well as midsize corporations. The absence of media coverage, lack of promotion and inadequate exposure reduces opportunities, especially at the onset.  Globally; hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs understand this pain point.  No visibility, or low visibility could be the difference between an investor, a partner, customers or business traffic.  

Finally, as 2020 drew closer; the urge to commemorate the unique year grew stronger.  The combination of the aforementioned points gave birth to Strategic Vision Conference.  SVC commenced its first conference in October 2020, to mark the beginning of a new decade.  The last time we had a year with zero as the 2nd and 4th digits was year 1010; that was 1,010 years ago. It will take another 1,010 years before we witness another year with the (1st and 3rd digits being the same number) that’s (year 3030).  SVC was conceived as a business platform to assist businesses; as well as to celebrate entrepreneurship.  SVC shines the spotlight on executives and entrepreneurs for opportunities.  As we approached 2020; SVC was already laying the foundational blocks for the conference with the website in Aug 2019.  By Dec 2019, the venue was secured.  By the end of February 2020, COVID had already begun in the U.S.  In one of the most difficult years of the century when everything was shut down; we launched, and proceeded in our own little way to inject some semblance of normalcy to the chaos. As long as you are doing great work; keep doing what you love. We’re building a platform which democratizes the process and guarantees visibility to the right audience.  We’re working on a solution to increase the support system for corporations who do not get coverage in big media, because they do not have millions in funding.

 A Special Thank You to These Individuals and Everyone Who Made The Inaugural Event a Success



Win-win for all. Provide value to different stakeholders; such as attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and participants.


Help others discover the greatness within; so they can tap into it, in order to achieve success and keep the cycle going (we love success stories). 

Connect businesses, executives and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world through the common denominator that unites them, entrepreneurship.                                                  Provide resources for productivity/growth directly and through partners.  Inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible to launch their startups, or to create sustainable businesses.  


What is Strategic Vision Conference?

It is an annual business, tech and leadership summit; focused on big ideas, cutting edge technology, as well as strategies to build enduring corporations.  The summit commenced in 2020 to mark a new decade, as well as to commemorate the year humans had been waiting on for centuries.  SVC brings highly accomplished leaders and executives together, as well as some of the most interesting people to share their experience as well as expertise.  We focus on creating unforgettable experiences which ignite passion, and inspires the greatness within.

Why the name WWW.SVC.WORLD?

The original website address www.strategicvisionconference.com was lengthy.  WWW.SVC.WORLD is shorter and more memorable. The new domain name WWW.SVC.WORLD  aptly represents what we do, and what we are about.  The world is a global village; great leaders as well as interesting people are all over the globe. We bring them together in order to present an opportunity for you to learn from the best.

Why the name Strategic Vision?

Successful businesses are formulated on the strategy table long before consultants, marketers and technologists assemble.  Strategy separates the leaders from the laggards.  Strategic vision is crucial from the onset and invaluable until the end.  It is one of the most critical elements behind the success of the most admired corporations and why they continually lead.  Join us, and be empowered as you listen to global thought leaders, as well as industry movers and shakers.

How is SVC Different and What is Next?

Evolutionary concepts which are revolutionary take time.  There is a lot more in the pipeline, more surprises coming.   Watch this space, view all the cool things we’ve already done.  SVC is completely different from other conferences.  We strive to bring you some of the best entrepreneurs, global executives and the most interesting people from around the world.  We achieve this feat via internal research, meeting people and accepting speakers through our intake form.  SVC’s discussions and presentations are delivered via keynotes, panel conversations and exclusive one-on-one.  Great entrepreneurs/executives are all over the globe.  We provide the platform through which they share their stories, expertise and experiences.  Creativity, innovation, delivering high quality informative content and educational entertainment; are some of what we are known for.  An inordinate amount of research time is invested in the process; in order to ask insightful questions, which the audience can learn from. While one-on-one and panel discussions might appear as organic conversations; if you listen carefully, the questions are designed to help you in business and in life.  The success equation: great questions + podcast style approach of allowing guests the time to speak = Memorable conversations.


Strategic Vision Conference

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