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May 4th, 2021 | SVCWORLD

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Since the inaugural event on 10-20-2020, or 20-10-2020 if you use the European style; we’ve been busy working on multiple web properties.  We built brand new pages and added a lot more bells and whistles to the engine.  As we all know and as the video narrates; 2020 was markedly different.  As a result of the importance 2020 held in our collective consciousness prior to last year’s unfortunate event and other items we had in the pipeline, we decided to retire Strategic Vision Conference website.   Also, to be true to our policy, SVC2020 was supposed to be a one-off event.  WWW.SVC.WORLD is the new site.  In the interim, both sites might appear similar with a few changes here and there.  However,  in the coming months the changes will be noticeably different.

New Site.  New Domain.  Updates.   Additions.   New Features. 

We created an extremely user friendly way to navigate past experiences with the click of a button.

  • New website
  • Same name different URL and branding
  • Schedule page
  • Past Events
  • Past Speakers
  • Speaker(s) Volunteer(s) Moderator(s)
  • Corporations that Attended
  • We created more corporate videos
  • All videos from #SVC2020 have been edited and ready to be viewed



>  8.5 hours live footage was edited

>  Tons of promo videos and trailers

>  We created more corporate videos, check them out on the site and YouTube. Let’s know what you think on Social Media.

> We created new User Experiences (UX) and User Interfaces (UI).  In short, we came up with a brand new way to search  [Schedule]  [Past Speakers] and [Past Videos] by exploring vast information with the click of a button.

Regarding what’s new and what’s next, follow us on Social Media and read the blog. There’s much more to come.

>  Executive articles initiative: we are partnering with several professionals who will provide content to assist you as you navigate the creation or running of your business.

Executives & Professionals: contact us to publish your thought leadership ideas, as well as helpful or inspiring business articles.  This is for CEOs, CMOs,  CSOs, CTOs, CFOs and all C-Suite executives. It is also open to Diversity experts, Crypto experts, CPAs, CFAs, VCs, Corporate or VC attorneys, as well as Health & Wellness experts.  Your photo, bio and Social Media links will be listed in order to direct traffic to you or your business.  




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