3 Day Bootcamp

November 14th, 2021 | Strategic Vision Conference (SVC)

Rod Khleif | President & Founder | Lifetime Cashflow Academy




The price of the 3 day bootcamp  has increased to $597.  You can still get your ticket for almost half that.  There are 50 Days left until 2022! What are your plans and dreams for 2022? What would you like to accomplish? How do you want to grow and who do you want to become?

2022 will be an historic year for everyone. New records will be made, some will win big and yes, there will be losers too.

Make sure you are on the right side of history by getting educated on what’s coming.

Get your ticket to my December 3-5 Bootcamp right now


Get Educated On:

  • Why 2022 will be a lot like 2008.
  • Who will be the winners and who will lose big time.
  • Why multifamily investing is your safest hedge against what’s coming.
  • How to get on a successful multifamily team.
  • Where the cash-flowing properties are found.
  • How to raise money for those deals.

The best investment is the one you can make is in yourself .

I look forward to seeing you!


P.S. Guarantee: If you don’t LOVE my event, come up and tell me why personally and I’ll refund your ticket.