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July 7th, 2020 | Strategic Vision Conference (SVC)

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Although virtual conferences gave rise to a new audience and a different experience in 2020, the general consensus of cabin fever is unanimous. Complaints of boredom, gaining extra pounds, as well as screen-staring have been met with suggestions of doing business normally; as we’ve done for centuries via eye contact and handshakes. Basically, the return to normalcy can be heard being chanted from the boroughs of N.Y.C, across the East and West Coasts of the U.S., and throughout countries around the world. If you are a consumer brand looking for an opportunity to connect meaningfully; SVC2020 presents an opportunity to solve screen-staring and the longing for human interaction. Strategic Vision Conference(SVC) is a leadership, business and technology summit focused on big ideas, cutting edge technology, as well as strategies to build enduring corporations.


Reset. Rebuild. Re-engage.

For sponsorship details  use the contact form or contact us directly via email using info [at] strategicvisionconference [dot] com. If your corporation is not represented above; please contact to inquire why, let’s rectify the issue by discussing sponsorship opportunities. If your brand is above, please get in touch to discuss further. For full sponsorship, premier sponsorship and partnership details, please mention it in your email.



Inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible to launch their startups, or create sustainable businesses.  In the long run, hopefully more businesses are created, which should help in addressing unemployment issues.


Moving Forward Together

2020 ushered in a new decade with enormous expectations; however, the pandemic knocked the U.S. and global economic activity backwards.  As we move forward to a new chapter, SVC’s “The Future of Things to Come Summit” plans to, in its own little way help improve economic activity by inspiring as many entrepreneurs as possible to launch their startups or create sustainable businesses.   The world needs to heal from COVID-19 and the unrest which marred the first half of the year. Economic devastation is rife globally, but in a small and humbling manner, we want to do our part to improve the situation.  Please join the journey. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 20.  Feel free to use #SVC2020 to post on Social Media, and don’t forget to tag us.  Providing value to all stakeholders is paramount. Who’s a Stakeholder? Attendees, Sponsors, Partners, Volunteers and other Participants.


 If you would like to be part of our story, please contact us regarding sponsorship, partnership or support. Partake at the inception of our humble beginnings to benefit from future growth.


Conference’s Theme

Come and listen to interesting concepts regarding how, when and what our digital world would be like in the near future. Panelists will be discussing how tomorrow’s zeitgeist is already taking shape today. Discussions will address how societies and human to business interactions will evolve across most industries.


What Differentiates SVC?

  1.  Our mission is to inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible including On-The Fence Entrepreneurs (OFEs) to launch their startups, or create sustainable businesses.
  2.  We are sensitive to what’s going on, so we’ll discount tickets heavily, much lower than industry rates.
  3. It’s an all day event, filled with quality executives speaking on subjects they have decades of experience in.
  4.  Different topics: Leadership, technology, strategy, VC, funding, “The Future of Work” and much more.
  5. Come and tap into the inspiration, knowledge and experience. Some of today’s global brands started during a recession, give your dream a chance.
  6. There’s an interesting business book which happens to coincide. You don’t want to miss that. ** Book publishers are invited **


Let’s chat, perhaps we’ll find ways of helping each other.



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Viewers: Why should I watch?

  1. The future of work has changed and things are not going back. Come and listen to how to reinvent yourself, in order to take charge of your destiny.
  2. When filing taxes, the ticket price can be treated as a business expense.
  3. If you’ve ever dreamt of quitting your day job, but you haven’t, or just can’t muster the courage to jump ship, this is an event for you.
  4. Mark the beginning of the decade with an event which will definitely change your perspective.
  5. Acquire the knowledge to propel your venture forward.
  6. Be inspired by great businesses and unique entrepreneurial stories.
  7. An inordinate concentration of brain power from different industries under one roof.
  8. Invaluable education, tips and advice from global executives and experts.