Global Conference: Motivating Entrepreneurs. Advising Employees. (Oct 20)

July 6th, 2020 | Strategic Vision Conference (SVC)


The Future of Work & Career Management. 


Given the current economic climate, we humbly believe everyone should watch the “The Future of Work & Career Management” panel on Tuesday October 20.   2020 ushered in a new decade with enormous expectations, however the pandemic had its plans. COVID-19 knocked the U.S., as well as the global economy backwards by a long mile.  Consequently, 15 million unemployed Americans are in a dire situation. The likelihood that millions of jobs will return soon, or in a few months is slim.  As of May, over 100,000 small businesses closed down and big corporations have permanently reduced staff by closing multiple branches e.g., [Macy’s closed 125 stores] and [Pier 1 imports closed 450 stores].  According to a recent report by Coresight Research; around 20,000 to 25,000 stores could close in 2020. As we move forward to a new chapter; SVC plans to, in its own little way improve economic activity by inspiring as many entrepreneurs as possible to launch their startups or create sustainable businesses. Unemployment and economic devastation is rife, but in a small and humbling manner, we want to do our part to improve the situation. Join the journey. Come and tap into the inspiration, knowledge and experience of world class professionals. In case you are unaware, some of today’s biggest corporations started during a recession, hence there’s hope. It’s time to give your dream a chance. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 20. Feel free to use #SVC2020 to post on Social Media, and don’t forget to tag us.  Who’s a Stakeholder? Attendees, Sponsors, Partners, Volunteers and other Participants.  If you want to be a volunteer use this contact form to get in touch.

What is the conference motivating entrepreneurs and advising employees about?  If you click on the agenda, one of the panels is called “The Future of Work & Career Management.”  It is designed to motivate and steer in the right direction. 

There’s no such thing as job security, and perceived job security is not secure. Design your life and live out your dreams.



Inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible to launch their startups, or create sustainable businesses.  In the long run, hopefully more businesses are created, which should help in addressing unemployment issues.

Baby Boomers,  Gen  X,  Gen Y and Gen Z 

The generation you belong to does not matter much, because everyone is affected, some more than others. Compassion, empathy, a helping hand, calling friends/family, volunteering of time and giving financial assistance are things we can do for one another to make it out of the crisis intact.  Deep thinking, realignment, focus, being introspective, eating healthy, exercising, forming good habits are what we should be doing with the extra time.


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To all the students who graduated in 2020 in the U.S. and around the world, congratulations! We wish you the best.  Admittedly, your elders have failed and wronged you badly. Unfortunately, it’s not the first and it wouldn’t be the last time. The difference this time is that, the effect is cataclysmic; because it affects your plans, dreams and earning power. Even though your timing was disrupted, be rest assured, in the fullness of time, you will achieve your heart’s desires and be where you were meant to be.  While most of you will work for Corporate America or Corporate (XYZ Country), a humble advice to those whose twists and turns are more turbulent and protracted.  Please note, there’s no Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-man or Wonder Woman coming to save the day.  You graduated during the internet age, hopefully you have a laptop. It’s now time to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.  Don’t worry too much or get depressed about living with your parents for a few more years. On a positive note, you’ll save some money.

Solutions and Ideas

  •  If you have a great business idea, apply to these Accelerators  Most are giving $100,000 plus for less than 10 percent equity. It means your business has a valuation of  $1,250,000  immediately you sign the doc ($100k for 8%) that’s just the beginning. There’s also Y Combinatior; Airbnb, Dropbox, Doordash, Coinbase, Stripe and a lot more went through their accelerator program. Once you are successful, you can hire Ivy Leaguers.
  • Skillshare: “Skillshare is an American online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos.” For certain things learning through YouTube videos is great, however it’s better when you have an instructor.  If you get great at this the earning potential is attractive, and you are your own boss.
  • The Future of work has changed, whatever your grandparents told you is obsolete, and most of your parent’s experiences are outdated. Change along with the time or you will be left behind
  • Keep learning, here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online for free.  By the way, not all are free, however the prices are negligible. It’s a good way to be ready for opportunities. Companies will look upon you favorably.



Although the title of the video below says “Millennials: The Unluckiest Generation In Modern History?”  Which is defendable because of its truthfulness. However, Wayne Dyer said “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  If you are a millennial, you should know you have it best. Relatively, speaking no other generation has been as lucky as you in the era of human history.   The possibility of using a laptop to create a business, generate wealth or financial freedom is uniquely millennial. All over the world people are rising up and changing the fabric of societal norms by defying traditions and expectations.  Millennials are now able to hire  professionals the age of their parents, and sometimes grandparents.  Recession, depression, debt, lower savings, lower rate of employment coupled with the pandemic is a lot.  Is it all bad news? I don’t think so, and available evidence proves otherwise. Some of the advice above for recent graduates could apply. Granted, not everyone is going to create a successful startup under 25, but the combination of your experience, exposure, contacts, management skills are highly attractive to investors.


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Aside from the influencers above, there are others out there doing great things. Lest we forget; WhatsApp, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox and many other global companies were created by millennials.  Alex Batdorf from the U.S., is not an influencer in the traditional sense, but she’s in business, she a millennial and she’s influencing women.


Millennials: The Unluckiest Generation In Modern History?

P.S.  No matter the situation, we at SVC prefer a positive outlook and perspective. Hope you’ll do the same.


Influencers & YouTubers 

The opportunity to be a YouTuber or an Influencer partnering with global brands is uniquely millennial. Never has any group had this much influence or power to dictate to, and work with global brands exclusively.  Of course this route is not for everyone, you have to be great at what you do and love it.  Doing well as a YouTuber or an Influencer could mean opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. For example Lilly Singh who went on to big screen TV with her own show A Little Late with Lilly Singh  One last thing; if you are worried about your parents, family or friends thinking less of you, just show them financial results and happiness of successful influencers.  Another good strategy is to show them after you have modest success.  You have to do what makes you happy.


To conclude; 100 years ago, the examples mentioned above wouldn’t have materialized. 50 years ago; the same ideas were unfathomable. 30 years ago; they would  have been figments of the imagination at best, and just a day dreaming exercise at worst.  Young people are experiencing more success and having more access, and it’s happening all over the globe.  As stated on the first paragraph, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes.”  In order to dispel the myth that millennials are the unluckiest generation, or were affected worst by Corona Virus. Imagine  struggling in your mid 40s for a job.  Imagine being in your 50s and barely computer literate, image being in your 60s and still working 6 to 7 days a week without even thinking of retirement because your problems seem insurmountable.  


Viewers: Why should I watch?

  1. The future of work has changed and things are not going back. Come and listen to how to reinvent yourself, in order to take charge of your destiny.
  2. When filing taxes, the ticket price can be treated as a business expense.
  3. If you’ve ever dreamt of quitting your day job, but you haven’t, or just can’t muster the courage to jump ship, this is an event for you.
  4. Mark the beginning of the decade with an event which will definitely change your perspective.
  5. Acquire the knowledge to propel your venture forward.
  6. Be inspired by great businesses and unique entrepreneurial stories.
  7. An inordinate concentration of brain power from different industries under one roof.
  8. Invaluable education, tips and advice from global executives and experts.