Credit Resources for Entrepreneurs During #SocialDistancing #SVC2020

March 27th, 2020 | Strategic Vision Conference (SVC)


The current situation in the U.S. and all over the world is abysmal to say the least. It is highly depressing and demoralizing. Although President Trump wants to see the country back by Easter, which is Sunday April 12. I doubt that would happen and place a huge bet on it. This is not a sad post, so the stats will not be mentioned regarding how the U.S. compares to other nations, or how New York fares in comparison to its sister states. From #SVC2020 team to all; please stay healthy, stay strong and stay indoors with family as we push forward. Visit

To Do

As we are all witnessing, the U.S. is facing one of its greatest unemployment seasons. That will unfortunately lead to the R word, recession. If you’ve ever being obssed or passionate about something. Don’t waste time bing watching your great shows on HBO, Netflix or Hulu. Sure they great, but their value to your survival and long term accomplishment is low. No is the time to start brainstorming about your business. Jobs are not guaranteed and your own business is not guaranteed to weather the storm either. You will never know if don’t try.
Coronavirus and Credit Card Relief
Funding is not drying up there’s a lot of money out there, however accessing it is increasingly becoming difficult because investors are worried. This will unfortunately continue for several months. If you have credit card debt, take a look at this great information from Motley Fool

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